Saturday, July 30, 2016

Forest Hills Stadium Concert Update

Apparently, the new City Winery Music Festival, the two day food and wine and music event that was to be held at the Stadium in September, is now being planned for next year. Aretha Franklin and Sheryl Crow were to perform.

But there's some other news as well that may have slipped through the cracks for some readers. Bette Midler will be performing at the Stadium on October 8th at the:

By the way, I took my summer vacation recently and then had to catch up on other stuff since I've been back so haven't had a chance to do my usual concert photo posts. I think I missed in there Louis C.K., for instance. If anyone took any photos of him at the event please email them to me at


  1. Welcome, Bette! Love her!

  2. Any insight on why so many concerts were allowed at the Stadium this year? The number of shows seems to double every year. While I'm all for having shows at the stadium again, it's getting quite excessive and unconventional.

  3. I did not see anything regarding Bette Midler on the promoter's website. Quite frankly, I could not imagine her participating in a group lineup like that. She could do a solo, at double the ticket price and sell out in a day. She has also become very protective of her voice, an outdoor venue in October does not fit the bill. Unless she has some gambling debts, this seems unlikely.

  4. Just because you don't see it, and can't imagine it, doesn't mean it can't be true: