Saturday, July 30, 2016

Making Progress

Apparently those tree pits in front of Target have been partially cleared to make way for.... wait for it.... trees! Making progress! So our complaints have worked. Your voices are being heard by the powers that be. Keep it up readers!

.... and after



  1. Just goes to show what a little complaining can accomplish! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Drake!

  2. While a big deal is made about the tree pit in front of Target, how about the one in front of 5 Burros cafe???? Same exact bricked over tree pit and might've been there even longer. Why is everyone obsessing one tree pit but not the other??? Why the double standard???

    1. Because Target is a big, evil corporation! lol

  3. Looks like a tiny hole for a tree. So we'll get new trees but before you know it it will be taken over by 3 ft tall weeds, debris, and without anyone giving it water, it will be dead by next spring. Landlords need to get involved and sweep the front of their storefronts and water and care for their street trees.

  4. Target isn't long for the nabe. Food on 2nd floor. Did they think quick pick-up shoppers would buy a few bras and a tacky $15 sign that says "Happy Hour" every time they stop in for milk? Or did they think people will carry multiple hand-held baskets down the escalators for weekly shoppimg? Even the hardware section has less than Rite-Aid. And that's saying something.