Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Cuban Restaurant for Former Family Restaurant Space

A reader tells me that the former Family Restaurant space on Queens Blvd. will become a Cuban restaurant similar to Guantanamera in Manhattan. They told her they hope to be open in about two months. UPDATED: She also told me she thinks they may be the same owners as Guantanamera (not Family Restaurant)...


  1. This is exciting news! I love Guantanamera in Manhattan and the space at the Family Rest. is large enough that they could include a stage for live performance! Definitely not great news for Matiz, which I love! I don't see how it could be the same owner - that blond elderly woman who was always in charge at Family Rest? Maybe I'm missing something. Family Rest. quality was 'meh' so I hope it's not the same owner!! On another note, I saw the doors to the defunct Baluchi's open yesterday and they were scraping up the floor, anyone know anything about that?

  2. Now I am even more excited after reading the updated version!!! Guantanamera is excellent!!!

  3. Passed by earlier last week and met the owner Mario who also owns Guantanamera in Manhattan. He told me that the place needed some work so they hope to be open in a month and a half or so. I hope it's sooner. The Manhattan Guantanamera not only has great music but the food and service is phenominal. Wish them the best of luck and welcome to the neighborhood. Especially love the fact that it's on my subway stop.