Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daily News Article on Gloria Pizza

Fabled Gloria Pizza returns to Queens

Boy, I sure do hope this place lives up to its reputation. The original sounds really great. :)


  1. a month away? i hope they open soon. i've been waiting to see if they really are as good as everyone says.

  2. I really hope it opens soon. His pizza is so amazing, I can taste it already. I know for a fact that he uses the best of everything, high quality all the way.
    Nothing is ever exactly like an " original" but it is far better than anything else around these days for sure. Tom owned Lucia Pizza in Flushing and I remember that like it was yesterday... They'd be serving slices out the window, ahh those were the good old days. Just can' t wait!!!

    1. I hear you, I've been talking about Gloria's for almost 20 years and my husband and friends re telling me that I'm just hyping it up in my head. I hope it's pretty damn close to the original and I can't wait to prove them wrong. I remember every nuance of the way Gloria's pizza used to be and it was amazIng.

  3. I don't trust nostalgia, everything tastes good when you're young. If it's as good or better as Nick's or DiFara's, I'll be real happy.

  4. Get real people. It has been too many years for it to be a reopening by the original owners. All the original partners have been deceased for years. There was only one true Gloria Pizza. Hope the new Gloria Pizza can match up to the original one. Good Luck. Can't wait.